2015 Christmas Newsletter

Jameson 2015 Christmas Picture

Jameson (27): First Anniversary Celebrator, Charlie’s Sleep Maker, Laptop Breaker, Laptop Fixer, Chocolate Taster, School Full Timer, Machine Shop Ta, Christmas Tree Hunter, Straight A-Er, Temple Worker, CNC Machinist, Hot Chocolate Drinker, 18 Lbs Of Cocoa Buyer, Astoria Visitor

Jess 2015 Christmas Picture

Jess (27): First Anniversary Celebrator, Job Quitter, Temple Misser, Charlie’s Momma, Crocheter, Astoria Visitor, Stay-At-Home Mom, Tablet User, Charlie’s Photographer, Chocolate Taster, Baby Researcher, Portland Temple Attender

Charlie 2015 Christmas Picture

Charlie (.6): Pill Bucket, Little-Bundle-Of-Joy, Solid Food Lover, Brand Newer, Long Drive Hater, Sleep Through The Night-er, Smiler, Sloberer, Mama Lover, Champion Napper, Grunter, Young Women’s Mascot, Looks Like His Mommer

2015 Christmas Picture