2016 Christmas Newsletter

Jameson 2016 Christmas Picture

Jameson (28): Future RAM quality engineer, CQPA, first B-er, eat to live-er, 18% body weight loser, Tau Alpha Pi member, Singapore internshipper, summer researcher, Mars Rover competitor and team captain, Costco snack ninja, mole loser, foot smasher, wart killer

Jess 2016 Christmas Picture

Jess (28): Happy stay-at-home mom, eat to live-er, 18% body weight loser, food maker, still a 30lbs-of-chocolate buyer, temple cultural celebration helper, California visitor, organization queen, Primary 2nd counselor, Costco snack ninja, Bible finisher, Narnia re-reader

Charlie 2016 Christmas Picture

Charlie (1): Daddy’s boy, triceratops, winey crawler, Anson trailer, one year old-er, 11 hours sleeper, bath lover, bread lover, hand-foot-mouth sickie, early talker, plays in the dirt-er, book destroyer, kamikaze climber, tooth chipper, arm breaker, Narnia listener

2016 Christmas Picture