2017 Christmas Newsletter

Jameson 2017 Christmas Picture

Jameson (29): BYU Engineering Technology graduate, RAM quality engineer, twice mover, Rover builder, 4th place taker, Charlie’s jungle gym, St. George freezer, pizza suggester, dad of two, Charlie’s story teller, priest quorum advisor, flying hater, first family car purchaser

Jess 2017 Christmas Picture

Jess (29): Canada traveler, business owner, house hunting hater, mom of two, Little House reader, St. George heat endurer, summer RA, natural birther, so-glad-to-not-be-pregnant-er, compassionate service coordinator, CR-V driver, Oregon coast enthusiast

Charlie 2017 Christmas Picture

Charlie (2): wart killer, super talker, Little House listener, eczema developer, grandma’s house lover, morning sickness hater, Cars watcher, big brother, dumpster diver, one-time biter, eat-nothing-but-cheese-on-vacation-er

Jem 2017 Christmas Picture

Jem (-.003): couldn’t wait until 2018-er, grandpas’ namesaker, perfect in everyway-er, champion eater, brunette Charlie look-alike, Momma’s little gem

2017 Christmas Picture