2019 Christmas Newsletter

Jameson 2019 Christmas Picture

Jameson (31): Homeowner, Dado, 20 miles in Zion National Park anniversary-er, hike Zion alone-er, in young mens again-er, fix everything in the house-er, car fixer, second year manager

Jess 2019 Christmas Picture

Jess (31): Eight hours of sleep lover!, homeowner, master packer, cleaner, pregnant again-er, biker, hiker, 20 miles in Zion National Park anniversary-er, ward baby blanket maker, Primary secretary, pro honey-do list maker, Jem’s favorite

Charlie 2019 Christmas Picture

Charlie (4): Lego obsessor, eager helper, enthusiastic Sunbeam, hike endurer, always wants to play with friends-er, two wheeled bike pro, camping lover, can’t wait for his baby brother

Jem 2019 Christmas Picture

Jem (2): Nope-er, book wanter, finally sleeping through the night-er, fuzz head, bottomless pit, follow in Charlie’s cheese-loving steps-er, camping champ, hugger, double dipper, bruiser

2019 Christmas Picture