2020 Christmas Newsletter

Jameson 2020 Christmas Picture

Jameson (32): Certified six sigma black belt, cabinet painter, yard perfectionist, playhouse builder, green thumb-er, but can’t get the basil to grow-er, longest daily workout streak-er, 45 pound looser, Cyrus’s favorite, single blog post writer

Jess 2020 Christmas Picture

Jess (32): Home birther, momma of three, cabinet painter helper, paver layer, long road trip adventurer, toy box maker/refinisher, sandbox builder, Lego master builder consultant, whole wheat bread perfecter, car upgrader

Charlie 2020 Christmas Picture

Charlie (5): Always wants to play with mom-er, misses all the time with friends-er, almost bites off his tongue-er, enthusiastic family reunion attendee, Lego master builder, face maker, BMX aspire-er, white lego Benny

Jem 2020 Christmas Picture

Jem (3): “Peet-ut butt-ur” lover, singer, Charlie’s copycat, bubble blower, fuzz head, buzz head, noggin bonker, evil laugher, southern gentleman, potty trainee, blue lego Benny

Cyrus 2020 Christmas Picture

Cyrus (0): Spitter upper, evening conversationalist, sleeping pro, hands watcher, finger pointer, mom-only hugger, banana lover, head bonker, 10th percentile comebacker

2020 Christmas Picture