2021 Christmas Newsletter

Jameson 2021 Christmas Picture

Jameson (33): CQE, national parker, happy camper, sprinkler layer, side yard planter, sunflower grower, David Copperfield finisher, L3Harris employee, RAM retiree, ambitious home renovater

Jess 2021 Christmas Picture

Jess (33): Happy camper, national parker, Primary president, David Copperfield finisher, sickest pregnancy yet endurer, excited mom-to-be of four boys, northwest traveler, pack the whole house in 16 days-er, house hunting hater

Charlie 2021 Christmas Picture

Charlie (6): First time to Yellowstone ever-er, chin thrasher, full helmet wearer, music class attender, read his first whole book-er, math class fan, so glad to go back to Primary-er, still a Lego fanatic

Jem 2021 Christmas Picture

Jem (4): Strider rider, music class attender, saw a snake in real life-er, thrashing three-year-old, incessant talker, everybody’s best friend, enthusiastic Sunbeam, cheeser, snuggler

Cyrus 2021 Christmas Picture

Cyrus (1): Screamer, scooter, late walker, great talker, veggie hater, chocoholic monivore, musically gifted, whoa-er, outside-er, moo-er

2021 Christmas Picture