2022 Christmas Newsletter

Jameson 2022 Christmas Picture

Jameson (34): in-over-his-head renovator, ASQ conference presenter, Las Vegas ASQ section chair, COVID getter, new job liker, work from home sometimes-er, 4/10s worker, kids’ designated bedtime reader, 15 days of total podcasts listener

Jess 2022 Christmas Picture

Jess (34): fourth boy haver, second time home birther, COVID getter, Great Expectations reader, Costco is the only reason to leave the house-er, mudder, homeschool grouper, first-time first class traveler, two-time beach visitor

Charlie 2022 Christmas Picture

Charlie (7): Jem’s shadow, reader, Lego technic tryer, snow lover and shoveler, COVID getter, music concert performer, piano player, tacos advocator

Jem 2022 Christmas Picture

Jem (5): Charlie’s shadow, pedal bike rider, Lego technic tryer, snow lover, COVID getter, music class attender, singer, family date enthusiast, Walter hugger

Cyrus 2022 Christmas Picture

Cyrus (2): picky eater, COVID getter, ball player, wander offer, hold-ju-er, potty trainee, Walter’s jester, youngest nap forsaker, klutzy toddler

Cyrus 2022 Christmas Picture

Walter (.7): old man, fuzzy wuzzy was a Walter, alliteration inspiration (Wonewey Walter, wittle Walter wiggles wildly), giggler, Zoolander imitator, sleep trainee

2022 Christmas Picture