2023 Christmas Newsletter

Jameson 2023 Christmas Picture

Jameson (35): The Wave hiker, classic literature listener, work financial competition winner, Florida visitor, ocean-to-ocean traveler, almost Timp summiteer, emergency room goer

Jess 2023 Christmas Picture

Jess (35): The Wave hiker, home school ramper upper, yard landscaper, block wall and patio layer, first time backpacker, French friend maker, Christmas party organizer, RS teacher

Charlie 2023 Christmas Picture

Charlie (8): master Tesla spotter, pickleball enthusiast, reader, soccer player, zoom student, zoo enthusiast, first cavity filler, baptizee

Jem 2023 Christmas Picture

Jem (6): music concert performer, piano learner, sing all the timer, reader, soccer player, zoo enthusiast, window breaker, foot burner

Cyrus 2023 Christmas Picture

Cyrus (3): low blood sugar barfer, motion sickee, big brother follower, “I love you, Mom”-er, willful independent, kitchen helper, strider rider, most creative costume winner

Cyrus 2023 Christmas Picture

Walter (1): cheeser, nom-nom-er, walker, eyebrow furower, sticker accessorizer, daddy’s boy, sock hater

2023 Christmas Picture